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SanTa CeCiLia Restaurant.      Best Tacos Al Pastor.
Parrilladas. Seafood. Breakfast. Lunch & Dinner


 Karaoke Nights

13650 Eastlake Blvd,Horizon, Tx

AlPAsTor is a delicious Marinated pork meat, that is cooked in a rotating pit. It has one or  more secret

 ingredients giving our AlPAstor a one of a kind taste. 

Always imitated, but never duplicated.    

Try them....

  Breakfast starts at 8am.

 Try our Enchiladas                                  Montadas.

Divorciados eggs Ahogados eggs a la cereso style

(Cereso is a Maximum security Penetentiary in Mexico)

Steak & Eggs


We dare you to finish it. Huge and good  is how we describe it 


Both Locations offer 


TacoLunch specials 

(4 AlPastor Tacos & 1 Baked Potato)

Comida Corrida (Traditional mexican peace meal)


Every Tuesdays is 


(Two for 1) on the  TaCos al Pastor.

   (Buy one 4packTacos Al Pastor, get second order 4pack free).



are just because we can. Buy one shrimp Cocktail. Get a second Shrimp Cocktil for FRee......Just because We can.....

                                                                                  We Carry mexican beer brands, CLAMATOS and original TasTy 


Catering. Call us at 


WE have better prices than Ciudad. Juarez..........

Refreshing Mexican glass bottle coca Colas, beers, and aguas frescas. 

The Story:   

          AlPastor taco sensation started in the 1960's, with the first customers arriving to enjoy the fourpack alPastor from the trompo (Shawarma) at a one table location in Ciudad Juarez (Just accross the border from El Paso, Tx). In 1980 a new menu included was the proud owner of 9 establishments that where the favorite place for families and friends to hang out & enjoy quesadillas, tacos AlPastor, tacos-Sirloin, beers and

queso fundido with choriso

Knowing that many of his loyal customers resided in El Paso, Texas, he decided

in 1986 to open Tacos SanTa Cecilia at the corner of Chelsea, Paisano, and El Paso Drive.
(5500 El Paso Drive, El Paso, TX 79905) and from this date forward it went uphill, as more customers stopped by to enjoy our new menu offering Breakfast, 
Mexican Cuisine, Tripitas, Buche, hamburgers, and Beers.

Now, in present time, I his daughter still continue to provide the same traditional flavor, and friendly service that my daddy taught me to offer to all our customers.

Our second location going strong on year 4 and is located at 

13650 Eastlake 

Blvd, Ste 109-110 

in Horizon, TX 


 Best Tacos al PasTor in El Paso,TX.                                         

serving mexican home plates & seafood at affordable prices.                                              Mexican                                  athmosphere. 

So we speak MUCho Spanish & POKITO ENGLISH

On the run, No worries. Call ahead for fast pickup.

 (Drive thru window available at the El Paso Drive location                                                        



Shrimp Coctails          
Campechana Coctails.(Octopus & Shrimp)

Tostadas de Camaron y Ceviche

7 Mares soup

 Tilapia fish

 Shrimp Soup

Al mojo de Ajo Shrimp
A La  diabla 
fish fillets 

Fista Shrimps  and more.......


  • Beef Fajitas (Chicken and Al Pastor available)
  • Famous Parrilladas al Pastor (Ideal for family of 4)
  • Chile Relleno plates
  • Pollo Adobado
  • Mexican Plate
  • Flautas
  • Tostadas, Tampiquenas, Hamburgers, Red-Green                      enchiladas, and much more........ 


      !!   Try our GRINGAS: Al Pastor, giant flour tortilla quesadilla with    Cilantro.......